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"A spiritually blues-driven experience...that’s the journey the Delta Twins take you on the moment they hit the stage"
- Jill Jack, Singer/Songwriter/Detroit Music Award winner

"Delta Twins infuse the blues with their own unique style of soulful songwriting voodoo. The Skyline recording is nicely executed and the performance fairly energetic...The original tunes tend toward a slick blues sound right in line with the band’s Midwestern roots. The covers present on the album show the band’s dedication to blues and classic rock."
- Bryan Rodgers, Album Review (Oct 04, 2011)

"The frontman, Bob Young, voices a distinctive american-modern, rhythmic-soul far from resembling folk. Lead guitar, Tom Kozanecki, plays with grace, inviting listeners to focus their attention. As their gregarious personalities welcome your participation, they also make you laugh between songs."
- Jenna Ounanian, The Examiner (Apr 16, 2011)

As the sun began to set over Southfield, Michigan, the golden towers of the Town Center formed an impressive skyline against the summer solstice sky. At the very top of the center building, a light was burning inside strong enough to radiate across all of Southeastern Michigan. That beam was produced by The Lighthouse of Oakland County, a group of compassionate people who provide inspiration and support for those in need as they move from crisis to self-sufficiency. From food and homeless shelters to counseling, education, and even job skills, this organization - no, this ORGANISM - radiates light, hope, and healing in our region.

So when Delta Twins was asked to perform music at a fundraiser for The Lighthouse, we embraced the opportunity with our whole hearts. We knew this had to be a top-notch event, so we enlisted the support of a number of our favorite musicians including our regular cohort Yerko Sepulveda on the 5-string bass, the amazing John Finan on lead guitar, and our old friend (who is younger than us) Mark Krumins behind the Roland V-Drums.

While there wasn't much time to practice together (uh... to be truthful, only one practice together with all five guys), the heart and soul was evident in the room...and on tape (uh... to be accurate, multi-track hard disk). And with a minimal amount of editing and clean-up ( be honest, we did replace some icky mistakes and add some stuff that wasn't there that night, but we won't say what), what you hear captures the spirit of the night.

Yeah...our "Blues/Americana/Rock with Soul" echoing across the Southfield Skyline, into hearts, homes, and maybe even changing lives. That's the true "delta" - the difference, the change, the movement that takes place inside and can't help but affect others for the better. Because in the end, that's what it's all about - spreading love to make this world a better place, bringing peace to those who need it most, sowing hope that rises in the soul and straightens the shoulders and lifts the eyes up to... the skyline.

God bless us all so we can bless one another. - Delta Twins (6/21/2011)


released September 9, 2011


Delta Twins are:
Bob Young – vocals, guitar, blues harp
Tom Kozanecki – lead & rhythm guitar

Fortified by:
John Finan – lead guitar, vocals
Yerko Sepulveda – bass guitar
Mark Krumins – drums/percussion

Recorded live at the Skyline Club in Southfield, MI on June 21, 2011.

Produced & arranged by Delta Twins.
Original songs by Bob Young. Covers aren’t.
Design & layout by Bob Young.

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all rights reserved


Delta Twins Farmington, Michigan

"Deep Blues for the Soul." Sounds like Bill Withers & Joe Bonamassa at Sons of Anarchy. Old school mixed with modern. Classic covers mixed with outstanding originals.

Nominated for the 2012 Detroit Music Awards "Outstanding Blues Artist", their award-winning music hits you at your core, sounding familiar yet unique at the same time.
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Track Name: Arrow
Sometimes you look through me, it's like an arrow through my heart
Sometimes you look through me, it's like an arrow through my heart
oh, you love me so much, I feel it so deep
you let that arrow fly - I'm yours to keep.

Sometimes you look through me, it's like an arrow through my soul
Sometimes you look through me, it's like an arrow through my soul
oh, you know me so well, you see right through
you don't deserve me, I don't deserve you

JAM (guitar)

Sometimes you look through me, it's like an arrow through my mind
Sometimes you look through me, it's like an arrow through my mind
you expose my secrets but I must admit
though it hurts like hell, I probably need it... OW!

JAM (harp)

Sometimes you look through me, it's like an arrow through my mind,
it's like an arrow through my soul, it's like an arrow through my heart
I used to think it bad, but I've come to find
when I surrender control that's when the good things start.

c. 1/16/2010 by Bob Young
Track Name: Work My Blues Away
Lord, I've been working,
working hard every day
Now the factory's shuttin’ down,
all the jobs are goin’ away
I looked my baby in the eyes…
I didn't know what to say

I just hung my head down low,
tried to force the tears away
But it's just no use –
feels like the blues are here to stay
so I got on my knees -
I began to pray

I cried, "Lord, Lord, Lord –
what can I do or say?
You know the bills will still keep coming,
I won't have dollar one to pay;
I ain't looking for a hand-out –
I want to work my blues away -
can you help me out?"


I want to work, work, work - work my blues away (2x)
I ain't looking for a hand-out -
I'll do my part to earn my pay.

I want to work, work, work - work my blues away (2x)
I ain't looking for a hand-out…

(but if you got a few bucks to hold me over in the meantime I'd really appreciate it but what I'm really trying to say is)

I want to work my blues… away.

c. 3/15/2010 by Bob Young
Track Name: All Thumbs Up
Most days I'm content to follow the sun
Do whatever's in front of my face `til the day is done
But sometimes I'm tempted to look out
and wonder, “What should I do?”
But I can't find a light that can cut through this fog
and give me that God's-eye view

No, no, no - I'm not in on that great big scheme
it's alright, it's alright, it's alright - I'm still living the dream
I just take, take, take – each day as it comes
and if you ask me how I'm doing, I'm all thumbs up, thumbs up.

I got a buddy who frets like a broken guitar
spends his days just puff-puff-puffin' away on the devil's cigar
There's no way I could live like that,
man I just couldn't cope
I need a little faith and a little more love and
a whole truckload of hope


I might imagine I'm quite secure if I knew
what's comin' up just 'round the bend
But that feeling's a joke, it's all mirrors and smoke,
any moment my whole life could end
(it's OK if I can't comprehend)


I'm okay. Doin' fine.
I'm just havin' myself a good ol' time.
Learning to love, walkin' the line,
trying to figure out life’s final rhyme.
I'm all thumbs… up.

c.3/4/2010 by Bob Young
Track Name: Keeper
I was told the way it's done is lookin out for #1
They assured me it was true so that's just what I tried to do
but they - whoever they is – they didn't spill the whole affair
and by the time I got what I wanted there was nobody there
and it gets so lonely, yeah, it wears on your mind
oh, it gets so lonely, but that's when you find that

Everything has a price, everything takes a sacrifice
When you look back on your life will it be worth it? (Will it?)
Everything has a price, everything takes a sacrifice
I shouldn't have to say it twice, but I did.

Me, me, me - is that any way to live?
Hey, from my experience to trade it all for cash doesn’t make much sense.
To grab the girl and the shiny car in trade for all you have and are
Leaves a brutal legacy and it might destroy a life or three
and you’ll be remembered and history ain't kind
yeah, you’ll be remembered but too late to find that


I know I'll never find any peace of mind,
when I'm only tryin' to look out for myself...
So I will be your keeper, I'll be here for you.

© 5/29/2009 Bob Young
Track Name: Back to the Heart
Some people die for what they say they believe
some people tied down just want to be free
I've been around and I think you should know
you don't have to follow where you don't want to go - No, no... Oh no...

Some people wound up just looking to fight
some people still need to feel that they're right
I've seen most everything that passes for proof
and it don't mean a thing in the light of the truth - No, no... Oh no...

We've gotta get back to the heart (get out of our minds)
Back to the heart (where the true light shines, baby)
Back to the heart (hey, it’s a holy goal)
Back to the heart, to what you know in your soul is so –
what you know in your soul is so.

Some people dream to be kings and queens,
some people drool on their TV screens
I've heard the lie that you can have it all
Man that's one sand castle getting ready to fall. No, no... Oh no...


No syllogism, no cold religion,
no magic potion gonna make you wise
No superstition, no grand tradition,
no new prescription gonna change your life

CHORUS (jam)

Some people pray and they wait on the sky
Some people push and they try and try
I know it's gonna take some work in the end
But it don't mean a thing if the king ain't your friend - No, no... Oh no...


© 6/2/2010 by Bob Young
Track Name: Love Wins
Flying down the highway in a dirty dented minivan
slamming on the brake lights - damn, another traffic jam
sick of hating on the haters on the cheap talk radio
'til I hated all the hating - had to find a better way to go...

instead of judging all the judges, I took a peek behind the screen
saw a boy afraid of daddy and a mom just being mean
and how it bubbles to the surface like poison in the veins
start complaining on a talk show, end up blowing out your brains

Lo--o--o-ove, love wins (2x)
that's the truth that I found - love can turn it around
it's the only way to heal this planet today, I say
Lo--o--o-ove, love wins

We got democracies and kingdoms throwing weight and talking trash
we got the military complex that can bomb us all to ash
we got the talking heads on TV, paid experts analyze
but they never reach agreement - when will they realize what we all know -


Looking out for others - one lover to another
that's how we recover- LOVE WINS!
let greed die with the greedy - reach out to the needy
no more broken treaties - LOVE WINS!
we're all in this together - this global peace endeavor -
selfishness will sever - but LOVE WINS!
hearts full of forgiveness, integrity in business
justice with no limits - LOVE WINS!


© 5/4/2011 by Bob Young
Track Name: Quick Fix
When I skinned my knee Momma made me feel better
but the wound still needed time to heal
When Betty broke my heart you know I wanted to die
somehow I survived that long ordeal
Heartache to heartache I grew strong
learning to take whatever comes along and now

and now I don't want a quick fix,
no, no - I don't need a quick fix.

I went to Sunday School, I heard the Golden Rule
from folks who fought over chairs and padded pews
When my friend got fired he made their prayer list
but they kept their cash - he didn't share their views
I grew disillusioned, but I held on
`cause there's no confusion, between right and wrong
(and I think that's wrong and)


Some talk of pie in the sky in the sweet bye and bye
Well, I believe in a place called Heaven
No tears, no fears, no sin, no dyin'
but in the meantime I've got to keep on livin'
through laughter and sorrow, sun and rain
sharing my hero’s great love and pain – Ow!


11/18/90 by Bob Young
Track Name: Perfect Man
I'm not a perfect man - never said I was
But I try to do right by my friends just because
That's why it hurts so bad when they wrongly accuse
it's enough to give a nice guy the blues

I'm not a perfect man - never gonna be
You're not a perfect woman, but you're the one for me
But sometimes your words kill me baby, they leave me so confused
it's enough to give a nice guy the blues

Baby you can rip my world apart with just one glare
leave this old heart sinking deep, deep in despair
But don't leave me girl in need of repair
you can heal my soul with a touch as light as air


I'm not a perfect man - never will aspire
I'm just here to give my all and try to lift you higher
but if you fold your arms and shake your head to refuse
it's enough to give a nice guy the blues

Brothers, sisters - we can change the world if we just care
Show this lonely boy he's not all alone out there
Come on raise your hands, raise `em high in the air
none of us are perfect, but we all got love to spare


I'm not a perfect man - never gonna be
You're not perfect either, can we agree?
But if we don't do our part the whole world is gonna lose
and that's enough to give a nice guy the blues.

©12/31/2009 by Bob Young
Track Name: Love Is The Law
One winter’s night I was sound asleep
My thoughts were rushing hard and deep
Next thing you know… I was king of the world
And they asked me, “Whatcha gonna do,
Mr. King of the World?” Well, well…

I’m gonna tell all the lawyers and judges, too
Stop making deals and defend the truth.
Then I’ll pitch to the rich… you gotta care for the poor –
Don’t you know that’s what a lot of your profit is for? (not all, but a lot)

I’d say lovin’ is good, lustin’ is not
It just makes you want what you have not got
Men and women… they ain’t tools to use
So beware you advertisers & TV news:
there’s a new king in town – there’s…

No lyin’, cheatin’, no wife beatin’ 4x
Justice for all of the family of man;
LOVE IS THE LAW, so give all you can.

We gotta clean our minds, clean our homes,
Clean our streets and business zones
Start treatin’ people… like we’d like `em to do
And we better not forget our Maker, too –
‘cause he says -


When I woke up in the morning light
It was all a dream, but it seemed so right
Seeing people live in harmony.
Ain’t that the way the world’s supposed to be?

No I’m no king, but I sing his tune
Some people say that he’s coming soon
So we better get ready learning His way to live
He says, “Love is the law- give all you can give. ”


© 8/18/09 by Bob Young