King​-​Sized Plan

by Delta Twins

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"The Delta Twins “King-sized Plan” is a perfect live album with lots of promise. Wise lyrics, heartfelt performance, and consistent live shows make them a great band to follow. Stunning blues!"
- Julian Gorman, Album Review (Sep 20, 2010)

"What you see and hear on stage from The Delta Twins is pure, heartfelt, talent in music. What you may not see is the methodical professionalism and care these guys give to their art. They take pride in bringing you their very best. "Spread the Love" is a very fitting mantra. These guys ROCK! "
- AJ O'Neil, AJ's Music Cafe (Ferndale, MI)

"The Delta Twins have a wide appeal on many levels. Their musicianship is tight, their vocals enjoyable, and their selections moved the listeners in just the right way, with sincerity and energy. They are an extremely talented group that I highly recommend."
- Nancy Coumoundouros, City of Farmington Hills

This is a live album. Yes, we corrected a few errors afterward (but we left enough errors for real critics to notice). It’s our “sound”. But dang, it’s pretty good stuff.

We never play a song the same way twice. We make the most of our strengths and side-step our weaknesses (trying to improve each day). So this is merely a snapshot of what these songs sounded like at this point in time with these players. But dang, it’s pretty tight stuff.

Sometimes we have a live drummer; this time we didn’t. The upside: a very consistent beat; the downside: a lack of variation. But dang, it’s pretty funky stuff.

This group of four musicians only practiced one time together (though there were a few practices with two or three guys there). And for the last song we added a lead guitarist who had never played that song before. But dang, it’s pretty solid stuff.

All of these songs were written since May 2009, with about half being composed in a two week period. Only one song from the concert didn’t make it on the album (not counting our sound check song). But dang, it’s pretty awesome stuff!

Dedicated to the luminous memory of Jeffrey Glenn Moore (1960-2009) – producer, mentor, genius, friend.


released January 20, 2010


Delta Twins are:
Bob Young – vocals, guitar, blues harp, loops
Tom Kozanecki – guitars, dobro, mandolin

Fortified by:
Keith Schooley – bass guitar
Steve Vowles – lead guitar
David Nefesh – extra lead guitar on “Love Is The Law”

Recorded live at AJ’s Music Café in Ferndale, Michigan on 1/16/2010.

Produced & arranged by Delta Twins.
All songs by Bob Young.
Live sound by Josh Young.
Design & layout by Bob Young.
Photos by David Nefesh and Kathy Waisman-Bush.

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Delta Twins Farmington, Michigan

"Deep Blues for the Soul." Sounds like Bill Withers & Joe Bonamassa at Sons of Anarchy. Old school mixed with modern. Classic covers mixed with outstanding originals.

Nominated for the 2012 Detroit Music Awards "Outstanding Blues Artist", their award-winning music hits you at your core, sounding familiar yet unique at the same time.
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Track Name: Come and See
You can feel it... like a cool summer breeze
You can taste it... like honey on the tongue
You can hold it... like a little two-year old
She giggles and squeals, yeah, it keeps you young

Come and see, come and see with me (2x)

You can sense it… like certain victory
You can own it… like a brand new home
You can know it… like a life-long friend
and you know that he won't leave you alone

Come and see, come and see with me (4x)

It's a way to live, not a club to join
It's a truth to weigh, not a phrase to coin
It's a heart to love, not a job to fill
It's a friend to trust, not a wall to build

It's not what you think it is, not what they tried to tell you.
It's not what you think it is, not what they lied to sell you.

Come and see, come and see with me (4x)

5/27/2009 by Bob Young
Track Name: This Boy
A dozen miles away from my daughter and my bride
On a cold grey day, just a January morn
She felt a kick and a shove from somewhere deep inside
Two hours more and a little boy was born.

He was red in the face and screamin’ kinda mean
But we put him in her arms and he slept the night away
For three whole months his days were filled with dreams
Then he skipped straight to walking – hey, what could I say?

This boy is loved more than he knows
This boy is strong, and stronger grows
This boy is kind, see it in his eyes
Oh Lord I pray – please make him wise.

He wasn’t quite two when he found the bat and ball
He put the two together and he gave it a ride
He learned to throw a knuckler at a box on the wall
He never was champ, but he always tried (and sometimes cried).


There’s not a thing you’ve done
that makes you my son…

He toyed with the piano and the drums and the guitar
Now he dreams of playing in a rock and roll band
I really don’t know if he’ll ever get far
But I’m proud of that boy no matter where he lands.



© 7/20/09 #2 by Bob Young
Track Name: Purple Ribbons
purple ribbons in her hair, running free
dancing on the rocks, putting on a show
that was yesterday, or so it seems
now it's so hard to let her go

purple ribbons in her hair, diamond eyes
laughter in her heart that bubbles and flows
wisdom of a child, beyond her years
now it's so hard to let her go

now she's racing to the front door
with the keys in her hand
and she wonders why her daddy
doesn't understand...

purple ribbons in her hair, singing loud
never really knowing what she didn't know
a very force of nature with destiny
but it's so hard to let her go


purple ribbons in her hair, a book in hand
imaginary babies - a hundred or so
that was yesterday, or so it seems
now it's so hard to let her go
yeah, it's so hard to let her go

5/28/2009 by Bob Young
Track Name: Keeper
I was told the way it's done is lookin out for #1
They assured me it was true so that's just what I tried to do
but they - whoever they is – they didn't spill the whole affair
and by the time I got what I wanted there was nobody there
and it gets so lonely, yeah, it wears on your mind
oh, it gets so lonely, but that's when you find that

Everything has a price, everything takes a sacrifice
When you look back on your life will it be worth it? (Will it?)
Everything has a price, everything takes a sacrifice
I shouldn't have to say it twice, but I did.

Me, me, me - is that any way to live?
Hey, from my experience to trade it all for cash doesn’t make much sense.
To grab the girl and the shiny car in trade for all you have and are
Leaves a brutal legacy and it might destroy a life or three
and you’ll be remembered and history ain't kind
yeah, you’ll be remembered but too late to find that


I know I'll never find any peace of mind,
when I'm only tryin' to look out for myself...
So I will be your keeper, I'll be here for you.

© 5/29/2009 Bob Young
Track Name: Legacy
Looking back at my daddy’s life
Some things make me smile, some cut like a knife
But I can’t let that pain get the best of me
I forgive for what’s left undone
And I’m trying to learn so I don’t hurt my son
In that same old way my daddy did to me

‘cause he’s my legacy, this boy’s my legacy

Now I must be fair – dad, we had good times
Watching baseball games, making silly rhymes
in the family car – “What rhymes with ‘sugar’, son?”
Early morning talks and that long phone call
when my college roommates drove me up the wall.
There were tears and hugs when I told him what I’d done.

Yeah, I’m his legacy – his blood, it pumps in me
Yeah, I’m his legacy – he did the best he could for me

His papa worked the mines, came home drunk sometimes
Left grandma crying with eleven kids
So daddy made a vow – “I’ll leave this town somehow,
And I’ll make it big!” and that’s just what he did… Oh…

I ain’t running (though my son just might)
So before he leaves I want to hold him tight
And say “I love you, boy, no matter where you go”

‘cause you’re my legacy, and I hope the world will see
A glimpse of good I’ve done in the lives of your little ones.

© 7/24/2009 by Bob Young
Track Name: Are We Learning
They're shuttin' down the factories
and shippin' our jobs overseas.
We window shop the dollar stores
wanting what we can’t afford.
The dream they painted turned to rust;
we're choking on the desert dust
of sheiks on toilets made of gold
and politicians bought and sold.

Now we're beginning to know how it feels
to have no voice,
Now we're beginning to just exist
without a choice…
But oh, oh – oh, oh - are we learning? 2x

We want more than trite apologies,
six months with no publicity,
just to have `em reappear
the same old crap with a new veneer.
We want to know where truth has fled
and who on earth to trust instead.
We wonder when the raging fires
will devour peace and melt our spires.

Now we're beginning to know how it feels
to live in fear,
Now we're beginning to sense the despair
in our bitter tears
But oh, oh – oh, oh - are we learning? 2x

Gather ‘round this city square,
raise your hands up in the air
Children of this travesty
come and sing the dirge with me…
"America, America,
God shed his holy grace on thee
and crown thy good with brotherhood
from shining sea to shining sea."

Now we're beginning to know how good
it was all along
Now we're beginning, but can’t agree
where we went wrong...
Now we're beginning to understand
why the desperate pray
Now we're beginning to hope like hell
for Judgment Day…
But oh, oh – oh, oh - are we learning? 2x
Oh, oh – oh, oh - what are we learning?
Oh, oh – oh, oh…

© 5/14/2009 Bob Young
Track Name: Let It Go
I got a confession - I've been losing sleep
breaking out in a cold sweat, in too deep
a world of worries - it's breaking my mind
the more I think about it, the more I find...

There's nothing I can do about it
fear's just a waste of time
stealing all my energy
and turning my love blind -
I gotta let it go

I could spill all the details - drop the ins and outs -
You could offer a shoulder for my dark doubts.
It might help a little, not feeling so alone,
but when tomorrow comes will they really be gone? No, -


That's what the wise man said - gotta let it go
That's what the wise man said - gotta let it go
God, if you're listening - share the load
God, if you're listening - help me down this road, `cause

Oh........ let it go 4x

I got a confession...

©9/24/2009 by Bob Young
Track Name: Perfect Man
I'm not a perfect man - never said I was
But I try to do right by my friends just because
That's why it hurts so bad when they wrongly accuse
it's enough to give a nice guy the blues

I'm not a perfect man - never gonna be
You're not a perfect woman, but you're the one for me
But sometimes your words kill me baby, they leave me so confused
it's enough to give a nice guy the blues

Baby you can rip my world apart with just one glare
leave this old heart sinking deep, deep in despair
But don't leave me girl in need of repair
you can heal my soul with a touch as light as air


I'm not a perfect man - never will aspire
I'm just here to give my all and try to lift you higher
but if you fold your arms and shake your head to refuse
it's enough to give a nice guy the blues

Brothers, sisters - we can change the world if we just care
Show this lonely boy he's not all alone out there
Come on raise your hands, raise `em high in the air
none of us are perfect, but we all got love to spare


I'm not a perfect man - never gonna be
You're not perfect either, can we agree?
But if we don't do our part the whole world is gonna lose
and that's enough to give a nice guy the blues.

©12/31/2009 by Bob Young
Track Name: Snake Oil Salesman
Out in the backwoods, over across the lake,
Tongues began to wiggle and wag, heads started to sha-sha-shake
About the Snake Oil Salesman with a king-size plan to change the world.

Cohorts and cronies – yeah, he had a few:
Redneck, militia man, maybe a mobster or two
They knew the Snake Oil Salesman with a king-size plan to change the world.

And when the locals would rally ‘round it seemed the only earthly sound
Was his voice, big and profound and you wanted to believe…

Well he tramped in the country, wandered far and wide,
Slipped through the slums and the ghettoes – more and more came to the side
Of the Snake Oil Salesman with a king-size plan to change the world.

Bigger crowds would form and swell, crane their ears to hear him sell
Some holy spell out of the hell they were living in…
People just like me and you – maybe only just a few –
acting like he really knew some secret way to save the day…


He said love is stronger than hate, meekness braver than might
Respect much better than taking advantage of another (can you believe this guy?)
He said giving’s sweeter than getting, patience wiser than pride
Understanding higher than firing anger at a brother (yeah, right)

But the old money and the man, soon they had enough
He stepped on one big toe too many - that’s when they got tough – they called the bluff
Of the Snake Oil Salesman with a king-size plan to change the world.

County jail wasn’t good enough, neither was exile
They beat him up in the holding tank and rigged the murder trial
Of the Snake Oil Salesman with a king-size plan to change the world.


They say he that died quickly, like Elvis or James Dean
Some swore they saw him later on and it wasn’t a dream, they swore they saw
The Snake Oil Salesman with a king-size plan to change the world, Kept the story alive about
The Snake Oil Salesman with a king-size plan to change the world. said, “What he said is true!”
The Snake Oil Salesman with a king-size plan… to change the world.

c. 5/10/2009 by Bob Young
Track Name: Love Is The Law
One winter’s night I was sound asleep
My thoughts were rushing hard and deep
Next thing you know…
I was king of the world
And they asked me, “Whatcha gonna do,
Mr. King of the World?” Well…

I’m gonna tell all the lawyers and judges, too
Stop making deals and defend the truth.
Then I’ll pitch to the rich…
you gotta care for the poor –
Don’t you know that’s what
a lot of your profit is for? (not all, but a lot)

I’d say lovin’ is good, lustin’ is not
It just makes you want what you have not got
Men and women…
they ain’t tools to use
So beware you advertisers & TV news:
there’s a new king in town – there’s…

No lyin’, cheatin’, no wife beatin’
No lyin’, cheatin’, no wife beatin’
No lyin’, cheatin’, no wife beatin’
No lyin’, cheatin’, no wife beatin’
Justice for all of the family of man;
LOVE IS THE LAW, so give all you can.

We gotta clean our minds, clean our homes,
Clean our streets and business zones
Start treatin’ people…
like we’d like `em to do
And we better not forget our Maker, too –
‘cause he says -


When I woke up in the morning light
It was all a dream, but it seemed so right
Seeing people live in harmony.
Ain’t that the way the world’s supposed to be?

No I’m no king, but I sing his tune
Some people say that he’s coming soon
So we better get ready learning His way to live
He says, “Love is the law- give all you can give. ”


© 8/18/09 by Bob Young